Custom Made Clotheslines

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Custom Made Clotheslines

Writtern by Inside Out Handyman

Job: Supply and Installation of a Custom Made Clothesline

Location: North Brisbane

Description: 3m x 1.5m Custom Made Clothesline in Heritage Green.

City Living Clotheslines have a standard width of 3 meters, however they can be customised down, to fit into a smaller area at no extra cost. They are available in various depths from .5m to 1.5m.

The 3m x 1.5m Clotheslines offer 33meter of hanging space over 14 lines. For extra room, a low line attachment can be added. Very handy for smaller items of laundry!

As picture below, the Heritage Green colour is the most popular, blending into the environment that often surrounds a backyard clothesline. If you are mounting a clothesline near your home, we have 36 different powder coating colours to choose from. There will be one to match the colour of the walls or gutters of your home.

Ground mounting your clothesline allows it to be situated at any location in your yard. Perfect for the back yard, behind a shed or along side your home or a fence. They can also be mounted onto a flat concrete surface with additional base plate which are fixed into the concrete and the posts slide into them.

Custom made, City living clotheslines are made locally from galva bond steel tubing with telescopic self locking stays.

Clothesline covers are available to fit this clothesline, offering protection to your laundry from the harsh Australian elements.

Custom made City Living clotheslines are available for purchase online and delivery is available Australia wide. We can assist with installation of your new clothesline, removal and disposal of your old clothesline and clothesline re stringing.

If you require assistance or advise please don’t hesitate to call us on Ph.0407 626 804.

We hope we can be of service to you when you next need a new clothesline.












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