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Writtern by Inside Out Handyman

Job: Replacing decking boards with Ekodeck

Location: Paddington

Description: Decking boards

Do you have a deck that is in need of attention? Are the boards rotten? Do they have termite damage? Are they needing a paint or oil?

Ekodeck looks very similar to regular timber decks however this product is made from reclaimed timber & bamboo and recycled HDPE. No oiling or painting is required – eliminate yearly maintenance. It is resistant to rot and decay – great for areas exposed to the weather conditions. It’s also resistant to termites.

Ekodeck is installed just like regular decking and is available in four colours.

This product was used for this decking job in Paddington. The first photo shows how tired and worn out this area look. The second photo shows a vast improvement on the area. The best part? No maintenance is require and it will still look this good in the years to come!

For more information on this product visit – www.ekologix.com.au

Ekodeck paddington

Completion of deck board replacement with ekodeck

Ekodeck paddington

Deck in need of some TLC!





















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